5 Benefits of Great Mullein Leaf Herbal Tea

Jul 18, 2022

Soothe Your Throat, Reduce Inflammation & More

Sprinkle a little magic into your cup of tea with great mullein. This herb has a long history of use in folk medicine for treating respiratory problems, and recent scientific studies have shown it to be effective in reducing inflammation. Mullein tea is brewed using the dried leaves and flowers of the plant, which are usually harvested from wild populations. Here are 7 benefits of drinking mullein tea.

‘Great Mullein has a long history of use in folk medicine for treating respiratory problems’

May Treat Respiratory Conditions

Great Mullein tea has been used for centuries as a folk remedy for treating respiratory problems. The herb is thought to work by thinning mucus and making it easier to cough up. Mullein is also a potent anti-inflammatory, which may help to reduce swelling in the airways. Some studies have shown that mullein can be effective in treating bronchitis, but more research is needed. If you’re considering using mullein tea for your respiratory problems, talk to your doctor first to make sure it’s safe for you.

‘Recent scientific studies have shown it to be effective in reducing inflammation’

Great Mullein tea is an herbal tea brewed using the leaves and flowers of the common mullein plant (Verbascum thapsus). Mullein is a traditional folk remedy for respiratory ailments such as coughs, colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia. This centuries-old remedy may have some modern scientific backing. A recent study showed that an extract of Verbascum thapsus was effective in reducing inflammation in mice (1).

Mullein tea is brewed using the dried leaves and flowers of the plant, which are usually harvested from wild populations.

May Improve Digestive Health

Mullein Leaf Herbal Tea BenefitsThe tea has a long history of use as a herbal remedy for respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, and bronchitis. The plant contains several compounds with medicinal properties, including mucilage, saponins, flavonoids, and tannins. These substances can help to soothe throat irritation and reduce inflammation in the airways. Mullein tea is generally safe to drink but may cause abdominal discomfort in some people.

May Help Relieve Joint Pains And Muscle Spasms

Running in conjunction with improving congestion in your lungs, Mullein Tea contains a substance called verbascoside (1), which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic-like actions. It has been demonstrated that this substance contains anti-inflammatory qualities and the capacity to reduce joint and muscular discomfort (2). The anti-inflammatory characteristics of mullein tea may make it the best choice for relieving joint discomfort. This plant might lessen swelling. This herbal tea’s antispasmodic properties could aid in the treatment of muscle spasms.

May Relieve Issues With Sleep

The prevalence of insomnia is rising among both men and women of all ages. The natural calming properties of mullein tea may aid with sleep issues. The mullein plant’s roots, leaves, and blossoms also have sedative qualities that aid in the treatment of sleep disorders (4). According to experts, this tea contains a substance that functions as a natural sedative and promotes sleep. To fully comprehend this substance and its mechanism, more study is required (5). This is one benefit I like to take advantage of every chance I get.

May Help Fight Viral Infections

Mullein tea is thought to have antiviral properties and may aid in the treatment of some viral illnesses. Mullein extracts had antiviral efficacy against the influenza virus in one investigation. The National University of Rio Cuarto discovered in another investigation that mullein’s methanolic extracts may be able to combat the pseudorabies virus (6).

An herbal beverage without caffeine with calming and astringent qualities is the essence of mullein tea. The flavor and aroma of mullein tea are very well known and can be a fantastic addition to your medicine tea lineup. Try Great Mullein Leaf Herbal Tea here on Amazon.

What Are The Side Effects Of Mullein Tea?

No known possible dangers to humans have been associated with great mullein plant tea. The limited effects that a few users may have are not life-threatening. Studies demonstrate that pregnant women do not experience any negative impacts. Anecdotal data, however, suggests that expecting mothers stay away from prolonged usage of any product containing mullein.



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